Financial Guidance for Special Needs Families

How to Secure Your Child’s Future Now!

Is Your Child’s Future Secure?

How many nights have you spent worrying about money? Money that you think you won’t have for your special needs child. What will it take to secure their financial future? Who do you talk to? How do you start a plan? What are the first steps you need to take, and how will you know your child will be taken care of after you’re gone?


We’ll be there every step of the way, teaching you…

How to start a financial program!

How life insurance protects your income!

How to save now and keep SSI benefits!

Be prepared for emergencies NOW!

Optimize your budget and lower expenses!

How to get out of debt, and free up money!

About us!

We’re Mark & Suzanne Solomon. We are parents of twin 21 year old sons, diagnosed with ASD and ADHD. We work in the field of Financial Guidance, serving the special needs community. It is our goal to provide you with impactful strategies and ideas that are simple to apply. They can change your family’s financial future, and give you the hope, strength, and confidence that comes with the knowledge that you and your family can be financially secure now and into the future.